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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

November/December - Things Are Happening

2020 Christmas/Holiday Collections

 The 2020 Helen's Daughters Studio Christmas/Holiday Collection
 is ready to be ordered in limited numbers

The Bigger Handbag. 11" x15" x 3 1/2". Slot front handbag. Back zippered pocket. 
Heavy Duty top zipper opens to one opening with a plum satin lining. 1 1/2" wide a
djustable strap with a middle grab handle. 
$105. $ 4 Shipping .

The Perfect Traveler. 10 1/2" x 9" x 3'. Slant slot front pocket. Zippered Back pocket. 
One inch wide adjustable webbing strap. Zippered front with 
one large opening with plum satin lining. No pockets inside. 
$68. + $4 shipping. 

The Little Lavender Handbag. Two front zippered pocket. 
One goes into the handbag with a plum satin lining. 
Back Slot pocket. Adjustable 1/2" black webbing adjustable strap. 
No pockets inside. 
$48. + $4. shipping.

Little Lake Pouch - 7 1/2 x 7 1/2". Front slot pocket. 
Adjustable cording with a toggle grip. 
Front pouch opens to plum satin lining. 
$30. + $4. shipping. 

Smart Pouch - 8" x 5". Front zippered compartment with plum satin lining. 
Adjustable cording with toggle gripper. 
$28. + $4 Shipping. 


The Very Merry ONLINE Holiday Fair is Now Open

 Click for Shopping!     


                         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2020 AT 10 AM CST – 4 PM CST

Helen's Daughters Studio Market On the Deck

Click here for more info.....https://fb.me/e/1QDPFKs34

IN PERSON SHOPPING! Many of our friends and fans live within 100 miles from the Baraboo Studio and give Helen's Daughters Studio Handbags as Christmas/Holiday gifts. Helen's Daughters, Char, will be putting up her art fair tent on her outside deck and offering an "in person" shopping opportunity on Saturday, November 21 - 10 am to 4 pm. We'll have a heater inside the tent, but it will still be chilly. So, dress warmly. We'll also follow Safer in Sauk Guidelines and masking wearing is required. (Char is a Downtown Baraboo Inc. member. The Downtown Shops are offering their Evening Christmas Market - Starting at 4 pm.)


There Once Was a Barn Holiday Boutique
A Collection of Artisans 

November 27 & 28 
Willard, Wisconsin

Find My handbags in this Boutique.

For info Click here..



217 South Main Street in Viroqua, Wisconsins

   I have added my handbags to their Holiday Show.  
(Sorry, handbag shown is already sold.)




December 11, 2020 - 10:30 am - Char
December 12, 2020 10:30 am - Mariella

This will be the link


There will be pop up  and other events.
Follow social media sites for more ino






Shop Local - Shop Small - Support Your Local Artisans a Small Shop keepers
Stay Safe

Air Hugs, Char from Helen's Daughters Studio

Monday, September 21, 2020

Fall Update - Helen's Daughters Studio

Baraboo Artisan Backyard Art Walk/Drive

October 10, 2020
9 am to 5 pm
My Backyard!

10 Stops - 20 Artisans
Maps and Info.

See new work!

Visit Helen's Daughters Studio, Char 
and in her location
Frank Kudla - Jeweler
Kristee Weber-Michler - Basket Maker
Lisa Nelson - Roots Chocolates.

All visitors must wear a face mask and sanitize hand before entering backyards.
We follow Safe in Sauk Guidelines.


Mariella Will be doing the October 10 - Red Wing Arts Festival.   
Check our Facebook pages for more details.


The Fall Art Tour #27 Has been Cancelled.   

 Helen's Daughters Studio 
Fall Art Tour Pop Up Shop 

October 17, 2020

Experience the Fall Art Tour's fun, fall travel and amazing artisan shopping experience at the Helen's Daughters Studio. Char will offer a collection of her handbags, online - for purchase, shown in her home, studio and backyard Tour settings. Just a hint of what you expect to see, feel and taste when you visit her Fall Art Tour stop. Enjoy a slice of the Tour without even leaving home. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021. 

Click here for more info.


Looking Ahead

Info for Fair coming in November!

Enjoy the Fall Events and hope to see you soon 
either in my backyard or on Facebook!
Stay Safe friends.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Helen's Daughters Studio - 2020 Fall Events

 Helen's Daughters Studio - 2020 Fall Events

Helen's Daughters Studio - Fall Events

Artsy Fartsy Friday

Almost every Friday!  Follow Friday Facebook posting.
A chance to purchase a fancy smacy Helen's Daughter Studio Handbag.

Pop Ups

Every now and then, we'll have Pop Up Handbag Days.
You'll never know when they are.   They'll just be there and you can purchase the 
handbags available during the Pop Up Day on our Facebook Page.

Facebook Live - Char's Art Fair Booth

Saturday - September  12 - 10 am

Mt Mary's Starving Artist Fair has been cancelled. So....JOIN Helen's Daughters, Char, in her art fair booth LIVE on Facebook! Saturday, September 12, 2020! In her backyard under her art fair tent. You will be able to shop for a new Helen's Daughters Studio Handbag. Lots of choices. Lots of colors. Lots of styles. More info coming soon. We're looking forward to seeing you. 
Live on Helen's Daughters Studio Facebook Page!

Preston's Pop Up Market

Saturday, September 19  
9 am - 1 pm
Find Helen's Daughters -  Mariella in 
Downtown Preston, Minnesota

Virgil's Craft and Vintage Market

Saturday, September 19
9 am - 4 pm
Find Helen's Daughters - Char
Wisconsin Dells Craft Mall
Lake Delton, Wisconsin

Facebook Live - Mariella's Art Fair Booth

Sunday, September 20 - 10 am

Driftless Area Art Fair has been cancelled. So....JOIN Helen's Daughters, Mariella, in her art fair booth LIVE on Facebook! Sunday, September 20, 2020! In her backyard under her art fair tent. You will be able to shop for a new Helen's Daughters Studio Handbag. Lots of choices. Lots of colors. Lots of styles. More info coming soon. We're looking forward to seeing you. 
Live on Helen's Daughters Studio Facebook Page!

Baraboo Artisan Backyard Art Walk (& Drive)

October 10 - 9 am - 5 pm

The Baraboo Artisan Backyard Art Walk  (& Drive)
Saturday, October 10, 2020. 9 am to 5 pm. 
Located in and around Baraboo Artisans backyards. 
Under their show tents and awnings. Talk with the Baraboo's artisan. 
Have a opportunity to shop for art/craft created by local artist and craftsmen. 
Definitely a special Artisan Day for Baraboo's creative community. 
Note...Face coverings and hand sanitizing are required. 
Social distancing. We will follow the "Safer in Sauk" Guidelines. 
Transportation will be needed to some locations.

Fall Art (Virtual) Tour

The 2020 Fall Art Tour on October 16 - 18
 has been cancelled.
Follow the website for Updates.

Halloween Spectacular

October 31, 2020

Our Home in Baraboo! 
Nothing for sale.
Just our usual 
Halloween Pumpkin Art Installation!

Visit our Website

Our Facebook Page

And our Instagram Site

Stay Safe and have a wonderful Fall Season!!


Just a Note.....The Very Merry Holiday Fair will be ONLINE this year!
Website Opens for shopping December 1, 2020
Facebook Live Shopping - December 11 & 12!
It's going to be .... SOMETHING!!!!


Saturday, June 27, 2020

Facebook Live - Mariella and Then Char


Mariella and Char are going LIVE!
Mariella on Saturday, June 27 - starting at 10 am!
Char on Saturday, July 11 - at 10 am!

We're putting up our art fair tents in our backyards and going Live on Facebook. 
You will be able to see us, in our booths, 
talking about our handbags and how you can purchase them "Live". 
(No masks required.) 
Join the FUN.

You can catch Mariella "Live".   
Click HERE!


Watch Char on Saturday - July 11, 2020 10 am Central Time!


Monday, June 1, 2020

Every Monday & Artsy Fartsy Friday!

Every Monday & Artsy Fartsy

Every Monday - Week #7 - Backpack

This is the smallest of three Backbacks I make. 
I see more people are wearing backpacks this Spring. 
This week it comes in three colors. (Look in comment section for images) I can make three in each color. B&W - Blue - Big Dots. 11 1/2" high 10 1/2 inches (at its widest point), 4" deep. 
It has a front zippers front pocket. 
Zippered opening across the back. Grab handle. Plum polyester lining. 
Only one compartment inside. 
Adjustable 1 1/2 inch webbing shoulder straps. 
$82 + $4 shipping. $10 of each backpack ordered will be donated to our Boys & Girls Club "Meals for Families". 
Message me on this page or email me baraboobags@centurytel.net

Week #1 is SOLD

Artsy Fartsy Friday...Dots Handbag. 
12 inches at the too 14 inches at the bottom. 
5 1/2 inches wide. 2 3/4 inches deep. 
Back slot pocket. Plum polyester lining. No pockets on the inside. 
Front side zipper. Copper circle handle. 
Beaded with round bead toes. $145. + $4. Shipping. 
There is only be one.
 We have decided to change how we sell each piece and 
make it more fair for everyone wanting chance to own a
 Helen's Daughters Studio Fancy Shmancy Handbag. 
If you are interested in purchasing the handbag just say WANT in the comment section. 
At 6 PM, we'll put all names in a basket and draw out one name. 
This way everyone has a chance.
 If only one person wants the handbag they will be emailed an invoice. Hope this sounds fair. #1 gets posted on Artsy Fartsy Friday. 

Info at:


Friday, May 1, 2020

May 1st Mother's Day Sale!

Thank you friends and fans!  
Our 2020 May 1st Mother's Day Sale has ended.  
You are the best!

We are planning to have a special event every month.
Most of our shows and fairs have been cancelled for summer 2020.
We are grateful to have you follow us!


Sold - #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #6 - #8 -#9 - #10 -#11 - #12 - #13 - #15 #17 - # 19 - # 20 - #21

May 1st Mothers Day Sale

How to Purchase Handbag

     Sale Starts 9 am Central Time

                                  (Emails sent earlier will not be open.)

We are only offering 21 handbags during this sale.

1.   Pick the number of the handbag you want to purchase. 
2.   Email us at baraboobags@centurytel.net.
3.   Give us your email address (please do not use your work email address) and tell us
      the number of the handbag you want to buy.  We will email you a Square Up Invoice.
4.   You will have 6 hours to pay via a safe credit card service connection.                         
5.   The first shopper to email us with the handbag number you want, will be 
      awarded the that handbag.
6.   Handbag numbers will be listed on Facebook as sold when transactions are complete.
7.   Sorry - USA sales only.  
8.   $4  Shipping.  
9.   Thank you.  Add your email address to our Blog and receive our monthly posts. 
      If using a tablet or phone, open up full website and find the email list box.
10. The May 1st Mothers Day Sale Ends at 8 pm TODAY.
11. All Sales are final.  There are no returns.

As a "Thank You" from US each purchase will include a free 
Whatever Bag to fit inside the handbag!

     (The inside of all Char's handbags have a plum colors polyester lining.  
There are no pockets on the inside of our handbags.  Mariella' linings at a gray cotton.)

The Double Pouch

                                                                               H 9"x W 10" x 1"
Front pocket with zippered front compartment.
 Back zippered compartment and cording with adjustable toggle. 
No inside pocket. 






Small Zip Traveler 

H 10.5" x W 8.5" x D 3"
Front pocket with zippered compartment. 
Back zipper pocket and adjustable nylon webbing strap. 
No pocket inside. 






Lavender Handbag
( A fan Favorite.)

6" x 7 1/4" x 1"
Two front zippered pockets.  Back Slot pocket. 
Adjustable 1/2 inch wide nylon webbing - 60" long.
One compartment in handbag.






Heidi"s Handbag
(This style is one of our favorites from the 2020 Design Challenge. )

10 1/2 " top - 13" bottom x 6 1/2 " x 2"
Grab handle. 
 Lobster Claw detachable hardware sewn to a
double folded 53" long 5/8 wide nylon webbing strap.
Slot front pocket.
One back zippered back pocket.
One top zippered compartment. 






Pick out the one you want and email us 

21 Handbags Completed.  
Ready to send. 
 Perfect for Mother's Day Gifting....or treat yourself.

As a "Thank You" from US each purchase will include a free 
Whatever Bag to fit inside the handbag!

Thanks for Checking out Our May lst Mother's Day Sale!

Our Website

Thank you!   
Happy May 1st. 
Our Mother, Helen's, favorite month of the year.