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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Melissa and Tony's Wedding


Our Helen's Daughters blog this week
 is all about
 Melissa (our niece) and Tony (Melissa's new husband).
Not all Daughters got to go, some were working.
So this is for them as well.
It was all beautiful and a memory gone in a breath.
From the large Chapel to the vows and kiss, dinner, dance and more.
  It was all about family!
This is the terBeest family view of it all.
Another part of Melissa's and Tony's family would have seen something different.
Her talented mother, Donna,
would been so proud of Melissa and
 our late brother Rod,
would have loved to help give her away.
We wish Melissa and Tony a long happy life together. 
And thank you for including us in your day!
Hugs all around!

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