Helen's Daughters Studio

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Country Living Fair - Columbus, Ohio

What an adventure!  Our friend, Karen, volunteer to join us on this Journey.  We left Wednesday for the ten hour van road trip to Columbus.  Traffic was light, this made the trip an easy drive.  I can't believe we talked for 10 hours straight!  Thursday we set up the booth on the Ohio Village State Park grounds in Columbus.  We walked the village and everything said you're welcome to the Country Living Fair.  Friday was the first day.  People came from everywhere - New York, Atlanta, Texas, Colorado, California, Canada.  One of our first customers was from Portage...Wisconsin...ten miles from our Wisconsin Studio.  The grounds were divided into sections - Collectible/Antiques - Food Court - Artisans - Stars (We weren't stars this year, but we're working on it.) - Sponsors - Country Living Publications - Pumpkin and Gourd Market.  It was exciting, en-lighting, and we sold quite a few Helen's Daughters handbags.  Two of our handbags will even be going to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj at Mecca.  Saturday and Sunday were near perfect days. Blue skies and cool  temps.  About 15,000 came through the Country Living Fair Gates.  The tear down was easy.  We were out in two hours.  Headed back to Wisconsin, family and the real world.  Another 10 hour drive and conversation and home by 3 PM Monday. Huge thanks go to Karen.  After two weeks in Canada with her family, she jumped in our van and spent another six days with us in Ohio! We now call ourselves the "Bohemian Babes from Baraboo"!  Thank you Stella Corp, Country Living Magazine, Ohio Village Staff  for a successful fair - we WILL return in 2012!!