Helen's Daughters Studio

Friday, May 11, 2012

Put On Your Cuties Shoes...

Grab your
little red purse 
and come see us at
 Beau Arts Fair in Davenport, Iowa
and on Mothers's Day
Marshfield Arts Fair
in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Art In the (Rainy) Park

First of all, there's nothing a show director can do to change the weather.
But our first outdoor show Elmhurst, Illinois was a challenge.
Cloudy and cool the first day - rainy and kind of scary the next day.
Everything caked in mud and a day after clean up job.
The park director was a "peach" -  he and his crew where right there with straw & brooms.
Mother nature had a different idea - lightening and thunder.
We do want to thank our lovely customers coming and shopping with us!
We appreciate each and every one!
I'd like to thank the show director - it was really a challenge.
 We will come back next year and keep your fingers crossed for beautiful weather
 - kinda like today.
Now back to the studio.