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Saturday, October 2, 2021

October - Beautiful October!


October 15 -17, 2021
Visit our Baraboo Studio
10 am to 6 pm - Daily

This year, because our studio is so small,
  we will be outside under the tents in the backyard 
and our neighbors backyard.  Lots of space to feel
comfortable and safe.  We are not requiring
 you to wear a mask.  However, other indoor
studios in the Fall Art Tour will require masking.
There will be no food or beverages served
at any stop.  Hopefully, in 2022 we will return 
to indoor touring and treats along the way.
We Hope you will visit us and others.


Find Mariella at the Red Wing Art Fair


Sorry Friends
So sorry we had to cancel
 our appearance at the
 Galena Country Fair.
Fair on the Square in Madison wiped me out.


Fine Art & Craft Sale at Olbrich Gardens

October 23 & 24, 2021
Olbrich Garden's Madison. Wisconsin



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Coming in November

Facebook LIVE - Baraboo Studio
Sunday, November 28, 2021
 1 pm


Enjoy this absolutely beautiful weather. 
See Us this Fall at one of great events!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

September 2021 Schedule


September 2021

After many months of cancelled shows, 

we are back to a somewhat normal schedule.

We used our time in so many different ways.

From voluntering, to big storm disasters, 

to working in our studios, keeping us out there with shopping choices.

Letting you know we're still here and have new work.

Thank you ALL for supporting us during this time.

We are grateful and humbled.

Char and Mariella - Helen's Daughters


Fall brings many shows, festivals and fair.

Sunday - September 12

Mt Mary Starving Artist Fair 

(Everything in this show is under $100.)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Find Char in Booth #33

(Note...new locations)


 Mariella is doing the

Wausau Art Fair

Saturday/Sunday  - September 11 &12

Wausau, Wisconsin


September 18

Virgil's Craft & Vintage Fair

Craft Mall - Lake Delton, Wisconsin


The Madison Museum of Art 

Moved it's July Art Fair

September 25/26

Art Fair on the Square

Downtown Madison, Wiscosnin

Char's Booth - #733


October 15 - 17, 2021

The Fall Art Tour

in our 

Baraboo Studio

  is Happening.  

Char is not sure if the studio will be open.

But will have a display of her work in the backyard.

With information on how the "magic" happens!



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Hope to see you at one of our Septmeber Shows!!!


Friday, March 12, 2021

March 2021- In the Studio

 March 2021 - In the Studio

March is the month to send in 

show applications and build up Inventory.

Many of our bigger city shows for spring and early summer 

have been cancelled. 

We have found a few smaller local shows to do 

 and will continue Facebook LIVES.

Char is invited to a



April 1 thru 30, 2021

VIVA Gallery

217 South Main Street

Viroqua, Wisconsin


 First Saturday - Facebook LIVES

May 1 - Mother's Day Handbags

June 5 - Spring and Summer Handbags

July 3 - Celebrating US!

August 7 - Late Summer into Fall

Mariella will be part of the 

Bluff Country Studio Art Tour

Visit her in Lanesboro, Minnesota

Follow Us on Facebook.   Check out the website.  Look and follow Instagram.




That's it for March. 

 Stay Safe.   

We are hoping for a few late summer and fall shows and fairs.

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Very Merry Gifts of LOVE


 The Very Merry Gifts of LOVE

Join Us 
Facebook LIVE
Saturday, February 6, 2021
Char at 10 - 10:15 am
Mariella at 11:30 - 11:45am

Click here:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Char & Mariella


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ordering a 2021 January Design Challenge #9 Handbag

Ordering A Challenge Handbag - #9

The Class of 2021

I will be offering a few pieces from this class to be ordered.   

What that means I will take your order and make the 

handbag style you like.  In some cases, I will have to make substitutions for 

buttons, fabrics or bracelet handles.  

I will contact you if I have to make substitutions. 

********************************************************************************************** *Order Challenge handbags by contacting me via Messenge on Facebook - Helen's             Daughters Studio or baraboobags@centurytel.net .

* I need your email address, so I can email you a Square Up Invoice.

*Note - I will probably only be able to make four handbags from the class a week.  When I get to making the handbag you order, I will email you an invoice. I will make the handbags in the order I receive them.

*I can add cross body straps to all - just request it.


Here are your Choices

#1 - Red O

$145 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

8" high x 14 1/2 " wide x 3 1/2" deep

Two available to order.

I have the red bracelt handle.   

Red on one side.  Lime green or pink on the other side.


#2 - Two Sides to Every Story

$145 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

13" high x 13" wide att the bottom/8 ich zipper x 2 1/2" deep

Three Available to order.

The handle was a one of a kind bracelet.  

If you have an old bracelet you'd like me to use you can send it to me or I'll find one.   

I can send an image of it to you to say yes or no. 


# 3 - unavailable


#4 - Gray

$105 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

9" high x 12" wide x 3 1/2" deep

Five available to be ordered.

I have all material available to this handbag.


#5 - #7 Unavailable



#8 - RED

$105 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

8 1/2" high x 9 1/2" wide x 3" deep

Five Available to order.

The only substitutions would be the button - it is one-of-a-kind.


#9 - #10 Unavailable



#11 - Voices

$105 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

11" high z 14 " wide at the bottom/ 7" zipper x 3 1/2" deep

Five Available to order.

The button is one of a kind. 

  I would make a button substitions or us a big button you would send me.

The flag material will change to the back pocket material.


# 12 - Unavailable



#13 - November

$145 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

11" high x 14" wide at the bottom/9 1/2" zipper x 4" deep

Two Available to order.

The flap and button reddish pink fabric will be substituted with a similar fabric.

Button and Buckle are one of a kind.  

 A substitution will be made of a similar vinatge notions.


#14 - Little Marley 2021

$95 - $5 - Shipping 

5.5% Sales Tax if you live in Wisconsin

8" high x 10"wide at bottom/ 7" zipper x 2 1/2" deep

Five Available to order.

I have all fabric.   the Substitiution may be the button.



Thank you for liking, loving and sharing my Design Challenge #9!

If you have questions, please use "Send Message" on the

Helen's Daughters Facebook Page.

Char terBeest Kudla - A Helen's Daughter


Facebook Link - https://www.facebook.com/helensdaughtershandbags/



Sunday, January 3, 2021

2021 January Design Challenge #9

2021 January Challenge #9

Every January for the last nine years, I have challenged myself to 
sketch 14 new designs in 14 days.
One or two of the designs make it into my line of handbags.
I start in my sketchbook - doodling and playing with different ideas.   
When I find one I like, I draft a pattern, choose the fabrics and make the prototype.   
I photograph it and put it on my Facebook page.  
The next morning I get up and do the same thing - for 14 days in a row!
A fun time to "play" with no pressure of an upcoming fair or show.

 Design  #1

 Design #2

Follow on Facebook and see what's next! 

Something new and fun for our community!

Blank Canvas, Yellow Feather Gallery and Helen's Daughters Studio is launching an #BarabooArtisanChallenge - January can be a long long month. Consider joining us! (Some of us have been doing this for years.)
Challenge Your Inner Artisan
Are you a painter, a sculptor, a baker, a singer, or maybe a fiber artist?
Do you enjoy crafting and creating or have the desire to learn a new craft?
Are you three to 103?
Yellow Feather Gallery, Helen’s Daughters Studio, and Blank Canvas Arts have come together to ring in the new year with an artistic bang and we need you!
We are challenging the artisans in Baraboo and the surrounding areas to fill social feeds with art of every kind. From Jan 1 to Feb 15, post your creations, accompanied with the #barabooartisanchallenge hashtag on Facebook or Instagram.
Post often!
This challenge is a great way to showcase the creative abilities of our community and bring attention to your work. With the unfortunate events of the past year, many craft shows, art fairs, and other events were canceled, and as a result, many artisans have struggledto get their work in front of an audience.
We also want to use this opportunity as a way to encourage the Baraboo and surrounding communities to embrace their own inner artist and learn a new craft. There is no age limit.
Showing support for your fellow #barabooartisanchallenge sharers is easy, fast and often free. Just click the like button, leave encouraging comments, or share posts to spread the work of these talented people.
So, get those colored pencils out, record yourself reciting a poem, show us your quilts, handbags, and cross-stitch, bake a masterpiece and share your creations with us all. Use the hashtag #barabooartisanchallenge and help Deb, Char, and Brett brighten up those dark winter days with the beauty of art!
Brett D Klawitter– Blank Canvas
Debra Grall – Yellow Feather Gallery
Char terBeest Kudla – Helen's Daughters Studio


February 6 - 10 am to 3 pm
More Facebook LIVES!!

Follow the fun here!

Happy January! Better days are on the way!!!