Helen's Daughters Studio

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Fall Finish - Helen's Daughters Downtown Garden

The sunflowers haven't bloomed yet; it's October
and we're still keeping our fingers crossed.
This is the finished Fall Downtown Garden.
 It was awash in color in July and now we have golds and browns.
We'll leave it there until March.  Many seeds for the birds to eat in January.
Thanks to someone helping us weed in September.  
We'll be back in April to start again.
Yes, we're planting daffodils  bulbs for a little spring color.
Hoped you all enjoy our Helen's Daughters Downtown Garden.

Monday, September 26, 2011

CranFest - Busman's Holiday

Mariella and Char  - Helen's Daughters - met in Warrens, Wisconsin
for a Bus-man's Holiday!  Thousands of people travel to this little community
and it's a huge fundraiser for every school, church and non profit in the area.
  Warrens is a major cranberry supplier for Ocean Spray.
Warrens celebrates the harvest and just about everything else.
We had fun just being spectators.