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Monday, August 6, 2012

Beautiful Evanston Art Festival on Lake Michigan

Wow...I can't believe it's over.
 Quick set up on Saturday morning.
 Nice crowd on Saturday.
Then... dangerous storms moved in and closed the Fair at 3:30 .
 We sat in the van as the wind, ran, and experienced direct hit lighting strikes on the festival grounds.
  No one was hurt, except for a couple tents that went down during the storm.
 We weathered it well.
Went fabric shopping and Frank had a chance to enjoy his favorite food.
Sunday was utterly PERFECT!
We've waited all summer for a glorious day like this.
 Since my Ann Arbor show, I was able to make 105 new pieces
.  Sold 98 of those new colors, shapes and textures!
Thanks Evanston.
  You stand alone with beauty, diverse and interesting citizens
and, of course,
 you like our Helen's Daughters Handbags!
Crazy word of the day...FYI.

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