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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanks! What a GREAT Experience!


Thanks for following my January designs. 
 It was a exhilarating experience. 
 It was good the "play" with new ideas with input from you.
 #2 was definitely your favorite, getting 817 looks and 96 likes! 
 We gained 111 new fans! 
 With your help, I will introduce new bag lines. 
 You'll see them at my first Art Fair
 in Madison, Wisconsin at the Hilldale Mall - March 2-3. 
 Many of you purchased and ordered new 
Helen's Daughters Handbags - Thank you!!! 
 The bulk of the Design Challenge handbags will be tucked away 
and offered at our studio open house 
during the Fall Art Tour, October 18-20. 
 Over a thousand of you visit us in October. 
 Right now, we have a great selection of handbags
 at Raven House, 108 3rd, Baraboo,WI.. 
 Thanks friend and fans!    

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