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Friday, December 30, 2016

TS/MCS - The Perfect Traveler

Thank you.  {TS/MCS} Is now closed.

The Perfect Traveler

Six Color Choices
ONLY - Five Available in each color!

The Perfect Traveler is your favorite Helen's Daughters Studio Handbag!

9" x 10 1/2" x 3"
Front side zipper.
Front angle slot pocket.
Back zippered pocket.
Zips open to one open cavity.
Taffeta Lining.
48" strap - hardware may vary.
Front and Back Shown
Retail $65 - Next two days $55.
(Handbags will vary slightly because of patterns woven in fabric.)

Color Choices -   STREAM  / GREENERY   /  GRAPES

Color Choices -     BLUE BRICKS   /    B / W   /    PAVER


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  1. Hi I would love to purchase the grape colored bag with slant pocket.such a terrific price 42.00! my email address is suehemnn@gmail.com, not sure where to purchase. thank you